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Zara Smith Coaching

Zara Smith Coaching

Business Coaching & Consultancy

About Us

It's my mission to help product-focused leaders and entrepreneurs smash through their inner limits, learn key commercial and business skills so they can set themselves up for unlimited success.

Prior to becoming a coach in 2020, I was a senior buyer for a national UK retailer responsible for over £100m of turnover and have worked in Buying for over 12 years. I'm also a gap partnership trained negotiator for over 10 years and have been negotiating with household names both in the UK and the far east. I came to mindset coaching after learning how to process Grief and learning how important unlocking and recoding our mind is to revolutionize who we become, tap into our individuality and authenticity, and what we are capable of achieving. What tends to stand in our way is outdated childhood conditioning, our emotional wounds, and our beliefs around what is possible. All of which can be recoded in our subconscious mind using techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other mindful practices.

?I split time between coaching workshops for women's entrepreneurial groups in the South Yorkshire area, authentic feminine leadership workshops, negotiation workshops, and private mentorship and coaching for 1:1 clients. I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to collaborate or be coached. You can contact me on 07375631970 or email and I'll be in touch.


Money Mindset and Negotiation Master Class. Register here:

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