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The Denwood Clinic

The Denwood Clinic

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About Us

BSc (Hons) qualified and BAcC's registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist.

Anna is also a fully accredited 'CAUK' (Cosmetic Acupuncture United Kingdom) registered practitioner offering exclusive, 'Facial Enhancement Acupuncture' - known briefly as 'FEA'. This exclusive treatment combines VITAGE skin care and 'Gua sha' to infuse serums into the skin.

The Denwood clinic also works alongside other medical professionals to offer a varied approach in helping each patient / client to return to a better state of consistently good health. Our affiliate Osteopath, John Goulbourn attends clinic one Saturday each month offering week-end appointments to patients who struggle to fit health appointments around busy work schedules. John is also a fully accredited member of the British Osteopathic Council with over 15 years of experience in practice.

Our warm, friendly clinic also offers the award winning 'LipoFirm Pro' face and body contouring treatment which firms, tightens and tones the skin, melts stubborn fat, reduces cellulite and tones muscles. Areas that can be treated include the face, jawline and neck, arms, tummy, buttocks plus inner and outer thighs. This treatment is available to both men and women over the age of 18 years subject to a health questionnaire.

We also offer 'NaturaWhite' teeth whitening using coconut and charcoal to lift teeth shading - with NO peroxide.

All chamber members are eligible for 10% discount on all Acupuncture, Lipofirm Pro and Osteopathy treatments. We also accept Westfield health private health care members.


'Begin your journey back to optimum health at The Denwood Clinic'...
'Inspired by Acupuncture.  Promoting health.  Restoring balance.'
FEA - Facial Enhancement Acupuncture. CAUK registered.
Did you know?  The NADA ear Acupuncture protocol helps with sleep, cessation of smoking, stress and so much more...
Fully accredited practitioner with over 3500 hours of study at Bsc level - many private health care providers recognise the BAcC's accreditation.
Did you know? Electroacupuncture works well for carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis and many more ailments.
We use VITAGE skincare in our FEA facials and red light therapy facials.  TDC also stock VITAGE in the clinic shop.
How big is an acupuncture needle?!
Face, neck and body toning, lifting and contouring.  Exclusively at TDC.  Watch the 'This Morning' video on our website  - 10% discount to all Doncaster Chamber members.
Gua Sha. An ancient treatment which remains effective for modern day ailments.
TDC have worked alongside a small, independent candle manufacturer in North Yorkshire to produce our own organic, beeswax and soya candles.  Inspired by the 5 seasons recognised in TCM - our candles are natural, organic, beautifully scented and fairly priced.  10% to all Doncaster Chamber members.  In stock or availalble via our webshop.
TDC offer Light Fusion facial therapy. Firms, reduces the signs of ageing, safe, non-invasive, suitable for ALL skin types.  NO side effects, acne scarring, Psoriasis, Excema, Large pores, facial scars, sun damage - and much more!
Avesta Collagen.  Many benefits such as, joint stiffness allevaited or banished, rejuvenated skin, less wrinkles, improved hair and nails, much improved sleep - and much more!  Available in the clinic shop or online at
Proud to stock 'Forever Living' Aloe Vera heath products.  Available in the clinic shop and online.

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