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Talk Together Media and Events CIC

Talk Together Media and Events CIC


About Us

Talk Together Media and Events CIC is a community interest company set up to serve the community with Community Magazines, Community Radio and Community Event Management.

We produde the ''Edlington and Warmsworth Talks'' community magazine, which is hand delivered to over 6000 homes and business each month and we are excited to be launching the bi-monthly ''City of Doncaster Talks Business'' online magazine in November 2023. We aim to improve communication, celebrate businesses, communities and the voluntary sector through the production of all manner of media across all delivery scopes.

Our team are all young people from the local area who were sponsored and mentored by City of Doncaster Councillor Rob Reid, Freeman of the Parish of Edlington. They got themselves from benefits to work in just 6 months and every person serves as a ''Voluntary Director'' of the CIC learning business and enterprise skills frm scratch.

The first project organised was during Her Late Majesty's Platinum Jubilee when they co-ordinated a community rendition of the Anthem ''Rise Up and Serve'' for Edlington Town Council, with video shoots across Edlington and its many community organisation's, schools, charities and businesses set in stunning local surroundings. The finished video was all completed in 4 weeks and was a huge success including building the Jubilee Anthem Choir from 7 existing school and community choirs. We hope you enjoy the video below.

Call 01709 286500.

Video Media


  • Community Magazines
  • Community Radio
  • Community Event Management
  • Advertising
  • Grapic Design and Print


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