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Be More Learning and Development Limited

Be More Learning and Development Limited

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About Us

Our endeavor is to help individuals and business get more from what they already have. Making the most of time, money, energy to gain the desired return on investment. This is not about thinking ‘outside the box’, its more about thinking differently regarding ‘what’s in the box’. Same money, time and energy but a greater output, impact, outcome for your investment.

Through a simple concept (taken from the medical industry) known as ‘the minimum effective dose’ we help you identify which of the many changes you may like to make within your organisation will deliver the greatest impact. Sometimes less really is more…. choose the one thing that nudges improvement elsewhere. This often this starts with your people!!!


  • Get more from what you already have
  • Juice the orange of life
  • Don’t be a ‘dick’, be good, be found
  • Creating ‘felt’ learning experiences
  • Unleash the potential within

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