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World-Class Websites Are No Longer a Pipe Dream for Small Businesses

Founders of start-up businesses across the UK can now invest in a website capable of competing with the world’s biggest brands – thanks to an innovative piece of new technology born in Yorkshire.

MultiWebMarketing – an award-winning web agency based in Doncaster – has spent more than 1,000 hours developing a website package that gives small companies with big dreams the ingredients they need to launch a website with the clout to perform strongly on Google. It’s a package that can be scaled to suit the size of any business and has high-performing lead generation credentials too.

This creates a level playing field for companies of all sizes, with the new micro four-page website available to purchase for £299 – including a level of customisation on style and colour.

“We’ve looked at the world-class websites we’ve developed for our biggest corporate clients and created our own bespoke technology to offer microsites that have everything that’s needed to be trusted by Google and perform well with SEO,” explained MultiWebMarketing Managing Director, Paul Smith.

“In our market, 99 per cent of the current website solutions for start-up businesses are template based, which we know from experience that search engines generally dislike, so it is a counter-productive way of trying to grow your online footprint.”

In addition to this, websites built using templates are slow to load and do not utilise open-source technology, which means that website and SEO agencies are not able to optimise or improve performance. This market is also saturated with solutions offering websites on a rental basis, so when you leave, the client has no website and has to start from scratch.

Paul added: “We don’t like this and think it’s unsustainable for businesses. That’s why with our solution, clients own their website 100 per cent. 

“Our technology does not involve the use of any templates, which is a huge breakthrough for the industry as well as our agency as a whole.”

MultiWebMarketing’s technology is unique and a result of in-house development work over a 24-month project. The offering – called MWM StartUp – launched in May 2023 and is believed to have the strength to rival the likes of GoDaddy, Squarespace and Wix in the marketplace, with a compelling entry-level website with a hugely important advantage of using existing, world-class design technology.

Paul said: “We were getting 20 to 30 enquiries a week that we were unable to capitalise on because they were from businesses without a budget for a bespoke website – but now we have a perfect, industry-leading solution to offer this market.”

Graphic Designer, Kieran Bates, has been a key part of creating the technology and is excited to see new clients take full advantage of its capability.

He said: “We feel a website is a big part of a company, and for smaller businesses, you probably don’t feel like you’ve launched until you’ve got one – it’s more important than an office because if you’ve got a website, you’re always open. Businesses shouldn’t miss out on the best website technology because they’re small and so it’s a really exciting product for us to start offering.”

MultiWebMarketing has recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, and over the same period, has won 27 industry awards, including Best UK Marketing Agency, Best SEO Agency and The UK’s Number 1 Website Designers, from a range of different national and international awarding bodies.

As of June this year, the team is also proud to announce that they have been named The Best Website and UX Designers in the UK and Europe at the NYX Design Awards. This is the first-ever European award that the company has won.

For more information or to enquire, email or call 01302 590 444.
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