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Easter Egg Giveaway Marks a Year-Long Charity Partnership

What’s better than being gifted 100 Easter eggs? Try being gifted 100 Easter eggs two years running.

It’s been smiles all round for the second year in succession at Paces specialist centre in Sheffield, with Doncaster-based creative agency MultiWebMarketing donating a truckload of chocolate treats to children and young adults with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders.

The kind gesture comes on the one-year anniversary of a formidable partnership between the marketing maestros and the amazing charity. Over the past 12 months, MultiWebMarketing has delivered £25,000 of marketing work to the charity, all free of charge, to support them in their fundraising efforts across South Yorkshire.

“Not only has it been amazing to work with such a fun and incredible team, but the package that they have offered is a huge saving for our charity,” explained Pace’s Head of Fundraising and Communications Julie Booth. “This allows us to spend those valuable funds on enhancing the lives of the children, adults and families who we support.

"We are delighted with our new website which is really fun and engaging and also easy for our supporters to navigate. The team also create our digital content for social media and any literature which we require for fundraising which helps to create the awareness we need to raise vital funds for our charity."

To put the value of the £25,000 into context, this level of funds saved on marketing activity can be used to buy specialist Conductive Education equipment which helps children supported by the charity with life-changing skills, such as sitting, standing, walking, speaking and eating. It is key to helping them to become independent in their daily lives.

MultiWebMarketing’s Client Account Manager Kelly White has been key to all the work completed over the past year. She said: “Over the past year, working alongside Paces has been eye-opening and heart-warming to see the difference the charity makes.
“The fundraising they do has been crucial to getting Thorncliffe Hall opened as a new Paces school.”
Outside of this, the team has helped Paces launch a brand-new charity website with a more user-friendly experience, promote sponsorship packages and redesign the marketing materials used by fundraisers as well as the brochures distributed at the school.
“A particular highlight of the year was a royal visit to the school, which we made sure to shout about on every social media platform,” said Kelly.
In addition to the usual Easter arts and crafts activities being carried out at the school at this time of the year, the Easter egg donation has helped to raise spirits.
“We were absolutely blown away by their kindness and generosity,” said Julie. “We simply can’t thank MultiWebMarketing enough.”
The ambition is for the partnership to continue to flourish. Paces has inspired a local business, as it does for so many of the people’s lives it touches. Paces has a reputation for excellence in life-changing Conductive Education and is also highly effective in meeting the learning needs of children and young adults suffering with growth and development disabilities.

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