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Marketing Agency Pledges to Support Inspiring Charity

A South Yorkshire charity specialising in life-changing support for children and adults with motor diseases has been given a boost, with £25,000 of marketing work being donated completely free of charge.
Paces – based in North Sheffield – will first have its entire website upgraded, along with further social media and marketing support by the award-winning marketing agency MultiWebMarketing in Doncaster.
This will help the charity increase awareness of its work providing conductive education and support for children and young adults with conditions like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke and Parkinson’s.
Currently supporting more than 100 families, the charity’s aim is to promote its services more widely and help even more people understand how Paces can help their loved ones. Through conductive education, the charity teaches life-changing skills such as sitting, standing, walking, speaking and independence in an environment where people can have fun, develop friendships and feel like they belong.
Pace’s Head of Fundraising and Communications Julie Booth said: “We’re so thankful to the whole team at MultiWebMarketing for choosing to support Paces. Helping with our marketing will help to take us to the next phase of our journey and help us to raise the awareness so that we can support even more families with motor disorders.
“The package is a considerable financial amount to us and the huge saving means that we can put those funds to better use. We really can’t thank them enough and we’re so excited about our partnership.”
The partnership has moved fast and was born at Easter when the agency kindly donated 100 chocolate eggs to the charity’s sites. Since then, a fantastic rapport has been built between the charity and MultiWebMarketing’s Managing Director Paul Smith, who has a family member with Cerebral Palsy.
This has culminated in a fully-signed partnership with no end date which will help Paces at a time when it is striving towards opening a new school at Thorncliffe Hall in Sheffield.
“We felt such a strong connection with the charity,” said Paul. “We felt such a strong connection with the charity,” said Paul. ‘I’m one of five son’s, the youngest. My eldest brother has Cerebral Palsy, so I’m very aware of the challenges that this brings for the whole family. I’m happy that our agency is able to offer expert digital marketing support and know that my team are delighted to be involved on an ongoing basis.  
In the hotseat to deliver the marketing work is MultiWebMarketing’s Client Account Manager Kelly White. She said: “We’ll be supporting Paces in many ways including providing photography and social media at their events, but the first big project is to give their website a revamp. We want to make it more user friendly and help support their long-term objectives.
“The main goal is to improve awareness. The charity has started to get more coverage and have loads of great stories to tell so it’s going to be an exciting partnership for us to work on.”

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