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Mind Matters - Change Our Words, Change Our World

Mind Matters - Change Our Words, Change Our World


About Us

To address the stigma surrounding mental health, we have to turn awareness into tangible action by reshaping our language. Our mission is to actively change the way we speak about mental health, so we can effectively dismantle the stigma associated with it.

We believe by changing our words to ‘Mind Matters’, negative associations linked to the term ‘Mental Health’ can be dissolved. Let’s transform our cultural perception on matters of the mind to one of curiosity, care, and compassion instead of shame, fear, and restrictive boxes.

With this shift in language we dissolve a history of shame associated with the word ‘mental’ and replace it with waves of positive change in how people interpret and express their internal worlds.

Our mission is to create lasting impact by shaping the self perception, resilience and unity of future generations. Through our campaign, and educational offerings we support families, schools, companies, and organisations to look after matters of the mind so we can prevent as many individuals as possible from reaching crisis point.

Picture this: a culture of connection, open communication and mutual support holding people of all ages who are equipped with the emotional literacy, communication tools, and open forums to share what’s on their mind, instead of feeling alone and like they have to hide.

We invite you to take a pause, a deep breath in, a long slow breath out. Imagine tension unfurling into connection, and what it might look like to be united by our adverse experiences.

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