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Whyy? Change Appoint Claire Taylor As New Cmi Leadership Tutor

Rotherham based apprenticeship training provider, Whyy? Change, have appointed Claire Taylor, to the role of CMI Leadership Tutor.

Claire will be responsible for delivering the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 3 Leadership & Management and Level 3 Coaching & Mentoring courses.

Claire Taylor joins Whyy? Change with a wealth of leadership experience and knowledge of the education sector, having previously worked at the University of Sheffield for over 16 years. During her time there, she led teams, designed and delivered training whilst also coaching and mentoring key individuals. Claire has also worked with national bodies such as government and research councils whilst managing significant resources.

Claire’s appointment comes as Whyy? Change has seen an upward trend in business owners turning towards accredited leadership training to upskill their employees. Senior leaders and L&D specialists are calling for ‘hands-on’ leadership training delivered by practitioners that can be embedded across all levels of their businesses to develop a more cohesive workforce.

In 2018, Claire founded Raspberry Flamingo, an award-winning Content and Copywriting Consultancy that specialise in ‘on page’ SEO copywriting and content marketing. With an MA in Communication Studies from Sheffield Hallam University, qualifications in teaching and mentoring to her name, Claire’s a lifelong learner.

Fellow lifelong learner, Ray Byrne, CEO of Whyy? Change shared his warm welcome to Claire’s appointment, explaining how Claire came to join the team:

“Talent will always introduce new talent. That’s what happened in Claire’s case. Anne Wilson, Head of Business Growth knew of Claire’s skills and behaviours and thought that she’d be a great fit for Whyy?.

"How right she was. From our first contact Claire has demonstrated the behaviours expected of any Whyy?er and comes with a wealth of experience in copywriting & content marketing and years of experience in leading and managing teams in a wide range of environments.”

Ray added: “I’m proud to have Claire on the team. Thank you Anne for being you, and thank you Claire to sharing every business experience you have with the learners. In fact, I’m a little jealous as it turns out they like you more than me.”

CMI Leadership tutor, Claire Taylor shared why she decided to join Whyy? Change part-time:

“My own business is now approaching five years old.  Whilst I love what I have created, my team is remote and so I work in my office alone.  After Covid I realised I needed more interaction with people in face-to-face settings.  I’ve been a trainer, coach, mentor, and guest lecturer for many years and so when an opportunity to do what I love came up with an organisation as awesome as Whyy? Change how could I say no!”

Since Claire’s first interactions with Whyy? Change in April Whyy? Change’s stood out to her, going on to say:

“The culture of Whyy? Change is unlike any other I’ve experienced in a workplace.  After many years of self-employment, it is incredibly rewarding to have joined the Whyy? team on a part time basis. 

"Training is delivered through interactive exercises, rather than simply talking ‘at’ the learners. It’s fun for all parties and my time with Whyy? makes my heart sing because I see the huge benefits of the culture to everyone who has a Whyy? experience.”

Claire’s next cohort, CMI Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor apprenticeship, starting on Tuesday 5th September 2023, will equip learners with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to manage and lead effectively, focussing on a range of management and leadership approaches, and how they can be applied.

The Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship includes the CMI Level 3 Diploma in Principles of Management & Leadership qualification at no additional cost, with up to a minimum of 95% funding available.

As a leading training provider in South Yorkshire, Whyy? Change believes in hiring highly skilled practitioners and lifelong learners who are able to share their knowledge, to transform people and the industry in which they operate.

If you’d like to know more about their accredited apprenticeships or leadership training, you can get in touch by emailing Whyy? Change on or give them a call on 0114 400 0077.

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