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TwentyFour IT Services Launch Cyber Security Month Campaign

With more than 500,000 new cyber threats discovered daily (and Small to Medium Businesses bearing the brunt of these attacks),T wentyFour IT Services — a leading provider of IT and Cyber Security solutions to businesses across the Doncaster and South Yorkshire region — is excited to announce its new October Campaign for Cyber Security Month.

Aimed at promoting cyber security awareness and education, the campaign is set to help local businesses fortify their digital defences against these constantly evolving cyber threats. 

Cyber Security Health Checks for Local Businesses 

TwentyFour are inviting businesses across the region to take their Cyber Security Health Check this month. These offer a comprehensive review of a business’s existing cyber security measures, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and actionable recommendations to bolster defences to protect them from the latest cyber threats, through tools such as: Endpoint Detection & Response; Multi-Factor Authentication; Dark Web Monitoring; Email Security; Backup Policies; and much more. 

"With cyber threats on the rise, it's essential that businesses remain vigilant. Our Cyber Security Health Check is designed to give local businesses peace of mind, knowing that their employees, devices and data are protected against the latest threats." said Tony, Chief Technical Officer at TwentyFour IT Services. 

Radio Advertisement Campaign 

To reach a wider audience throughout the month, TwentyFour IT Services will also be running a radio ad campaign throughout the month which can be heard on Absolute Radio, Greatest Hits, Magic, Kiss and many others. The radio spots will inform listeners of the vast amount of threats that they face daily, and encourage local businesses to ensure that they are following the guidelines of a comprehensive cyber security solution.  

Educational Content and Social Media Engagement
Beyond the health checks and radio ads, TwentyFour IT Services has prepared a wealth of educational content to help businesses understand various, often complex, aspects of cyber security. These articles will be regularly released throughout Cyber Security Month on TwentyFour’s website. Along with these, TwentyFour have also prepared a vast array of Social Media Content designed to give brief insights into many of these topics. 

"We believe that education around the threats which businesses face is an essential aspect of building a comprehensive solution. Through our social media channels and informative articles, we aim to give businesses the knowledge and tools they need to not only protect themselves in the digital landscape, but provide educational information to their employees to help keep them secure." added Tony. 

Businesses interested in taking the TwentyFour’s Cyber Security health check are encouraged to visit the TwentyFour Cyber Security Month page to find out more at or contact the team directly for more information on 01302 732190 

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