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Highland Carbon Encourages Doncaster Businesses To Offset Their Carbon Outputs by Planting Trees.

Highland Carbon is helping businesses in Yorkshire to achieve a local impact. There are two opportunities open to businesses. Firstly, we are offering the opportunity for companies to support one tree to be planted in Loversall, Doncaster for every twenty tonnes of carbon offsetting that they purchase from our Woodland Carbon Code projects located in the wilds of Scotland, or via our international offsetting projects. In this instance, we provide a certificate to evidence the Carbon Neutral outputs.

Alternatively, businesses are welcome to simply 'sponsor a tree' with a minimum purchase of five trees. This option is perhaps preferred by small businesses that do not account for their carbon footprint. In this case, the trees will not be paired with formal offsetting.

The spectacular white poplars that we are planting are each 3-6 meters tall. They have been grown on a farm in Loversall, Doncaster. They will be transplanted into coppice clusters and form farm lane avenues.

Each tree will be planted with care. We will auger a hole for ease of planting and for the roots to establish more freely. Each tree will be planted within minutes of being transplanted from the nursery area. Each will be staked and watered. The twenty test trees that were planted last year are thriving, so we know that the soil and hydrology are appropriate for the trees.  

The area where the planting will take place is on land adjacent to a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust leased pond that itself is immediately south of the Doncaster i-Port rail hub (pictured above). The trees will help to cleanse the air and will lock off atmospheric CO2 in their biomass.

The trees will offer a habitat corridor enabling birds crossing from Doncaster Racecourse, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Potteric Carr, Doncaster Lakeside and the YWT park to cross the planting site and onwards to Woodfield Park and Edlington Wood.

The charge per tree will be just £15 plus VAT. For that price, others would offer a 20-50 cm tree, whereas these trees will be a whopping 3-6 meters when planted. If these trees were purchased from a tree nursery, they would be worth circa £150-250 each. So this is an affordable way to achieve a meaningful, timely impact. 

How are we able to achieve this in such a cost-effective way? The saplings have self-seeded. They will need to be relocated or they would crowd each other out and die. So we are giving each tree a real opportunity to thrive in locations where they will have plenty of sunshine and room for their branches to spread. White poplar leaves are green on top and silver underneath. The leaves dance and the trees appear to sparkle when a breeze flows across them.

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