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Team Doncaster Environment and Sustainability strategy

A report on how Team Doncaster intend to tackle climate change in Doncaster will be presented to senior Council officials on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

Cabinet members are being asked to approve Team Doncaster’s Environment and Sustainability strategy which will outline how residents, elected representatives, public and private sector organisations and community groups can respond to the climate change and biodiversity crisis. 

The strategy is the result of extensive consultation. It also includes both new activity and a continuation (or development) of existing initiatives.

In short, the strategy:
•           Considers the drivers and impacts of issues and interventions from both a global and local perspective. 
•           Aims to provide a clear and transparent understanding of the challenges we face, as well as the numerous benefits to other strategic priorities (e.g. economy, health and wellbeing).
•           Has identified the need to obtain funding from Government or private investment funding streams (e.g. from organisations needing to offset their unavoidable emissions). 
•           Underlines the significantly higher cost of not acting.  
•           Is clear on the value of Team Doncaster partnerships to make individual interventions more affordable through economies of scale.

This follows swiftly on from the recommendations of a Climate and Biodiversity Commission led by Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, which were presented in December 2020. The Commission’s final report drew upon the insight and expertise of various public and private sector organisations, government agencies and resident representatives to discuss a range of environmental priority areas. 

Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Cllr Chris McGuinness, said: “It is widely acknowledged that the climate change and biodiversity emergency is a global issue, but also a local issue. Therefore the Environment and Sustainability strategy is the first step in identifying and communicating the scale and breadth of the challenge faced and encouraging a partnership approach to our collective response.

“Doncaster needs to demonstrate how it intends to play its part in the national effort to combat this emergency, as well as respond to the local environmental issues that Doncaster is currently faced with and will likely face in the future.”

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