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Spearing Industry Change: Sentry Doors Signs The Anti-Greenwash Charter

Sentry Doors, the UK leader in timber fire safety and security doorsets, is pleased to announce that it is now a fully recognised signatory of The Anti-Greenwash Charter. The Charter was created to encourage organisations in the built environment to adopt and adhere to responsible marketing communications, practices, and procedures. 

As part of the Charter, Sentry has created its own Green Claims Policy, to demonstrate the responsible sustainable marketing practices and procedures in place that mitigate against any instances of future greenwashing.  

In the policy, Sentry Doors make a public commitment to uphold the following standards of communication: 

  • Transparency – we commit to clear communication of what sustainability benefit our product or service offers and don’t conceal or omit information.  
  • Accountability – we substantiate our sustainability claims with accurate, and regularly evaluated empirical evidence. We commit to sharing facts, figures and statements that can be checked.  
  • Fairness – we commit to using fair, clear and unambiguous language when providing comparisons with other products or organisations.  
  • Honesty – we ensure we make specific statements about our organisation’s sustainability efforts and that our actions match those promises.
This commitment marks a pivotal step in Sentry’s dedication to promoting clear and honest sustainability practices, establishing a new standard of transparency within the industry. 

A sustainable commitment 

Sentry Doors has embarked on its sustainability journey, taking a proactive approach to improving its environmental impact, whilst using a framework like The Anti-Greenwash Charter to ensure it remains open and honest about its marketing practices and sustainability claims.  

Catherine Clarkson, Head of Marketing & Strategy at Sentry Doors, states ‘our journey in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is just beginning, and we’re committed to transparency throughout this process’.  

To ensure Sentry remains credible and honest about the claims the organisation makes whilst on its sustainability journey, Sentry Doors adhere to strict guidelines to remain factual.  

Catherine goes on to express that ‘our unwavering commitment to compliance means that we only make claims that can be fully supported by evidence’. Sentry’s product offering is backed by solid certification, and it believes the organisation’s sustainability approach should be equally transparent.

 Upholding Transparency 

Sentry Doors acknowledges the challenge of maintaining credible and transparent environmental claims in a highly competitive market. To avoid making misleading claims about its sustainability practices, Catherine states that ‘our marketing team adheres to strict guidelines to ensure all our environmental communications are factual’.  

This initiative is a critical component of a broader strategy aimed at encouraging Sentry Doors’ staff to engage in genuine sustainability practices and to avoid making misleading claims. Following the integration of the initiative, sustainability training will be incorporated into Sentry’s employee development programmes to ensure all staff members align with the policy.  

By working with The Anti-Greenwash Charter, Sentry Doors has not only underscored its own commitment to sustainability but is also seeking to inspire the wider fire and security industry and its clientele to prioritise genuine sustainability efforts. 

The team encourages its peers to adopt a similar sustainability stance to address these important issues.  

Sentry Doors’ backing of the Charter transcends a simple pledge: it serves as a clear call to action for the fire and security industry to embrace sustainability efforts earnestly.  

Charlie Martin, Co-Founder and CEO of The Anti-Greenwash Charter is pleased to welcome Sentry Doors onboard, expressing, ‘Sentry Doors stepping up to sign The Anti-Greenwash Charter is a big deal. It’s not just about making promises; it’s about proving them. By committing to verifying their marketing practice and campaigns, they’re setting a new standard in their industry. We’re thrilled to have them on board and can’t wait to see the ripple effect this has, inspiring others to follow suit. Together, we’re making transparency the norm, not the exception’.

Through its commitment to transparency, Sentry Doors is not just enhancing its brand reputation but is also laying the groundwork for a more trustworthy industry.   

Sentry Doors is pleased to be official signatories of The Anti-Greenwash Charter and promise to take a proactive approach to ensure the organisation upholds the standards set out in its Green Claims Policy.

Read Sentry Doors’ Green Claims Policy here

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