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Can your business provide laptops to support Doncaster children learning from home?

Many businesses have struggled to keep operating during the crisis, and have in many cases all but ceased able to generate revenue. At the same time, our teachers keep schools open for those who still have places, whilst many others stay at home.  

Polypipe has joined others across the North including Northern Gas Networks and Drax in Selby to donate laptops to children who are from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. These efforts by businesses have been matched by government offering to also support those students with exams next year access equipment if they do not have access to it at home. 

Henri Murison, Director of Northern Powerhouse Partnership, has joined forces with the chamber to seek not only donations from those businesses who want to support Doncaster schools with new equipment, but also seek equipment which can be reconditioned. He said:“In Cumbria people have already opened their IT cupboards and of course any laptop not being used to work remotely at the moment is likely to be in surplus to what is needed. Donating these to local Doncaster schools will make a difference – and please contact us at or through the chamber so we can connect you with those schools with pupils still facing greatest need, with initial deliveries of computers starting to arrive locally in the coming days.” 

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