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Revolutionary Facial Recognition Security & Safety Solutions

As security requirements continue to evolve, facial recognition cameras and other biometric readers are increasingly being embraced as more reliable and secure methods for controlling and securing building access over traditional card, fob or code entry. These advanced technologies have become indispensable in both commercial and residential environments, offering increased levels of security due to the enhanced level of user verification. 

Facial Recognition Cameras can be integrated into a business’s existing security solution in a variety of ways. Access Control Facial Recognition provides an enhanced layer of user verification, ensuring that you are only providing access to buildings (or rooms) to authorised users. In contrast, a traditional Card/Fob/Code Access system is prone to abuse and lower security as these methods can be shared or stolen, Facial Recognition will only allow access through a verified 3D scan of a user's face. These same methods can also be integrated into CCTV Solutions to monitor and track person movements and much more, however they can also be used to record the faces of unknown or unauthorised users at your business. 

These methods can also be integrated into other solutions for enhanced business security and user safety. One2Call have worked with businesses to integrate this service into their intruder alarm solutions to allow or deny users from being able to arm or disarm their security systems. This can even be extended to allow or deny users access to buildings or rooms on specific days or before or after pre-defined times. Additionally, these can be linked to a business’s Fire Alarm solution to automatically provide Roll Call reports in the event of a fire alarm being triggered to allow Fire Marshalls to verify if all users have exited a building, however this can also be automated with the use of a secondary facial recognition unit at a muster point which allows users to scan to state that they are safe, allowing Fire Marshalls to monitor who has or has not registered that they are safe.  

One2Call's cutting-edge technology ensures seamless integration of alarm systems, such as fire alarms and intruder alarms, with CCTV solutions for comprehensive and effective security and safety. For more information on how to incorporate Facial Recognition technology into your business, reach out to One2Call at , , or on 01142 30 00 80. 

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