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Protect your Business from Cyber Threats with One2Call's FREE Cyber Security Health Assessment

One2Call has announced the release of a new Cyber Security Business Assessment designed to help businesses protect themselves against the constant threat of cyber attacks.

These attacks can result in the loss of private information and breaches of privacy laws, leading to costly fines for businesses that fail to adequately protect themselves. The assessment aims to provide a baseline for businesses' cyber security policies and procedures, enabling them to identify vulnerabilities and determine the tools and services they need to plug the gaps in their security. 

One of the most common areas of weakness for many businesses is email, as business communication relies heavily on this medium. Email phishing attacks are a daily occurrence, with attackers becoming increasingly sophisticated in their efforts to trick businesses into giving up vital information. To protect against these attacks, One2Call offers professional tools such as Active Email Threat Protection, as well as training resources to educate users on how to identify and avoid these threats. 

In addition to strong passwords and password policies, such as the use of two-factor authentication or regular password changes, businesses should also review their user access security policies to ensure that users only have access to the files and systems that are essential for their roles. This helps to limit the impact on the business if an individual's account is compromised. 

To enhance standard cybersecurity services, businesses can also consider new tools such as Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response. This ensures that all devices on the network are continuously protected from evolving malware, viruses, and cyber attacks, offering up to 75% more protection than signature-based anti-virus tools alone. 

However, cybersecurity tools and policies are not the only element of a strong business security plan. It is also essential to have a strong backup policy in place to provide an additional layer of redundancy in the event of a cyber attack. Services such as Immutable Backups can help to ensure that backups are not targeted as part of an attack on the business. 

One2Call's Cyber Security Business Assessment is available for download now from, or businesses can get in touch with the company for guidance from its in house cyber security experts. 

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