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Property Developer Nadeem Shah Celebrates 50 Years of Business and a Legacy of Transformation

Nadeem Shah, the visionary property developer and Managing Director of Doncaster-based Vigo Group, is marking a landmark milestone this month (October), as he celebrates 50 years in the business.
From humble beginnings to becoming a driving force in the property development industry, Nadeem's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to making places better and improving people's quality of life.
Joining his father's fledgling business at the age of 17, fresh out of college, Nadeem demonstrated a profound entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, it was his passion for enhancing communities and the lives of people that truly fueled his ambitions. He believes that business goes beyond mere monetary success; it's about creating positive impacts.

Reflecting on his business philosophy, Nadeem said: "For me, business is about more than just money, obviously, you need that to succeed and to be able to employ people and pay their wages, but there are different ways to go about doing business.
“My approach has always been to try and make things better for people. My handshake has and always will be my word, and I've built a business based on good solid relationships, not text messages and emails but actually meeting with people and listening to what they need."
By his side supporting him for the last 47 years has been his wife Maureen, who has played a pivotal role in the company, looking after the finances and controlling budgets.
“Maureen has always supported me in all of my endeavours, she has worked tirelessly in the business, running all of the accounting systems and has been a wonderful mother and wife.”
As he commemorates this major milestone, Mr. Shah looks back on a career that has brought him immense joy and fulfilment.
"I am very lucky. I have worked hard and have built a business that I can be proud of, and that my children and grandchildren can be proud of, but more than that, I hope I've helped to change lives for the better," he says.
"I love it when we are out and about with my grandchildren, and I can point out developments and say, 'Granddad built that; that is my legacy.'"
Throughout his career, Nadeem has played a pivotal role in creating homes and communities in Yorkshire and London, always maintaining a down-to-earth approach to business.
"I've always thought there are two ways of doing business: people either work for you or with you; my team works with me, and we've got people who've worked with us for 40+ years," he proudly states.
Nadeem acknowledges the significant changes the industry has undergone since he joined in 1973, with evolving guidelines, regulations, and shifts in planning timelines.
"Times have changed, and we have changed with them. For us, the future is going to be more about partnerships and delivering communities at scale, but it will always, always be about quality and relationships," he affirms.
In 2011, Nadeem shared his vision for Doncaster to become a city, and today, that vision has become a reality, bringing him immense joy.
"Doncaster becoming a city is just great news all round. I am Doncaster through and through; it is my home, a place that has given me great opportunities, and I have never felt anything other than welcome in this city," he remarks. "It has always been an amazing place to do business."
Nadeem received the lifetime achievement award from Doncaster Chamber in 2020, an honour that deeply humbled him. "Looking back on my 50 years in business, I can honestly say I've loved every minute of my life and to lead my family business and now have my children working with the business is just amazing."
With legacies scattered throughout the country, Nadeem Shah's Vigo Group has impacted countless lives, providing employment stability even through economic downturns. The company's commitment to developing high-quality schemes has allowed communities to flourish.
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