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One2Call’s Advanced AI Powered Cyber Security Services Protect Businesses from Cyber Threats

One2Call, a leading IT Support & Cyber Security service provider in the South Yorkshire area, is urging businesses to be proactive in securing their private information against cyber threats.

With the rise of data breaches and information theft, One2Call warns that private information such as email addresses, emails, passwords, names, and phone numbers are easily accessible to cyber criminals on the Dark Web. To combat this, One2Call offers advanced Cyber Security services that include managed Dark Web Monitoring, monthly Dark Web Reports, remediation and much more to avoid data breaches. One2Call also offers a FREE one-off Dark Web Scans to Chamber Members to help businesses determine if their private information has already been compromised. Chamber Members can find a link to get their own FREE Scan in the Member Deals area.

At the recent Doncaster Business Showcase, One2Call handed out more than 80 Dark Web reports to local businesses and helped them to stay secure from these invisible Cyber Threats. 

One2Call's team of Cyber Security experts can curate exposed data and provide risk analysis to help businesses understand the extent of the data leak. Through One2Call's IT Support services, they can include ensuring that all Active Directory and Microsoft 365 accounts are secure from potential threats when new data is leaked, and with advanced security solutions such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign On, Zero Trust Access, and more, They can ensure that all of your accounts stay protected. 

Many of One2Call's Cyber Security services are powered by advanced AI Cyber Security technology, which provides reliable and fast protection from a wide range of cyber threats. One2Call offers bespoke Cyber Security packages that include Advanced Endpoint Defence and Response, Dark Web Monitoring, Antivirus, Ransomware Protection, On Premise & Cloud Firewall Solutions, and much more. 

One2Call also offers Advanced Email Threat Protection, which provides a advanced layer of protection over your business emails and stops phishing and other threats before they enter your inbox’s. It checks the sender's email address, looks for spoofing attacks, checks links for legitimacy, and studies the language of an email to prevent employees from falling victim to attack. 

Along with all of this, One2Call encourages businesses to fill out their FREE Cyber Security self-assessment form to understand their business Cyber Security, or sign up for a free consultation to learn how to protect their business from cyber threats. 

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