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One2Call Are Helping To Modernise Manufacturing and Logistics Businesses Throughout the Region

One2Call, a leading provider of IT Support, Telecoms, Cyber Security and Building Security solutions, has been supporting the manufacturing and logistics industries across South Yorkshire, in their efforts to modernise their business technology. 

By leveraging the latest technology, businesses can improve efficiencies throughout their operations, resulting in higher productivity, efficiency, and safety of employees, equipment, and premises. One2Call specialises in understanding each business and offering tailored solutions that can work to improve their individual business needs. 

One of the most pressing challenges for manufacturing and logistics businesses is to ensure the security of their sites, inside and out, 24/7/365. One2Call has worked with a variety of manufacturing and logistics businesses in the area to provide efficient 360º perimeter security solutions through advanced CCTV technology solutions, including; IR Night Vision, Colour Night Vision Technology, 180º 8K Imagery, AI-based Learning & Alerts, Facial Recognition & Person Tracking Pan, Tilt & Zoom Technology, 360º Cameras, Number Plate & Vehicle Recognition and much more. One2Call only selects products from the best and most trusted providers on the market, providing peace of mind for businesses who want to invest in reliable security solutions that are built to last and grow with their business. 

In addition to perimeter security, One2Call also offers advanced business Access Control solutions. Biometric devices, which use fingerprints and facial recognition to grant access, offering enhanced security over traditional Card and Fob access solutions, as a users unique biometric features can't be stolen or copied. Access Control solutions can also be expanded from perimeter access to individual door access, allowing businesses to grant or restrict access to specific areas of their premises to only those that require access. These systems can also be used for timesheet logging, providing businesses with accurate records of employee attendance. 

These modern Access Control and CCTV Systems offer many integrations with third-party software and hardware, as well as with each other, allowing for advanced site security and safety through integrations with Intruder and Fire Alarm solutions. This allows for seamless security management for building access and intruder alarms as well as enhanced employee safety through automated building roll call in the event of a fire alarm. 

One2Call is committed to providing the best possible service to businesses, also offering Business Broadband, Wireless & Physical Infrastructure, IT Support & Cyber Security services that ensure businesses have a strong backbone for their complete technology solutions. 

"We understand the unique challenges faced by manufacturing and logistics businesses, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs," said Paul Hibberd, Project Director at One2call. "Our advanced security and IT solutions are designed to help businesses modernise their operations, improve efficiency and safety, and achieve their business goals." 

For more information on One2Call's services, visit their website or contact them at or call them on 01142 30 00 80 . 

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