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One2Call Are Helping Businesses Avoid the ISDN/PSTN Switch Off

As a business, you know that your telecoms system is an essential part of your business operations. They allow customers and clients to contact you and ensure that your business can run smoothly. However, the telecoms landscape in the UK is about to undergo significant changes, and it's important to make sure that your phone system is ready to adapt and grow with your business. 

In 2025, the older ISDN and PSTN systems will be switched off, leaving businesses that are still using these older systems at that time without a functioning service. This means that now is the time to start thinking about updating your business phone system to a more modern solution. 

One2Call are working with businesses to make sure that they are prepared for this change by building a telecoms solution that is designed to be adaptable to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Their 3CX solution works by unifying all forms of communication in a multi-channel system, making it a scalable and easy-to-use solution for offices, call centres, hotels, and much more. 

One2Call's use this same technology throughout their business with their team of engineers having 3CX Advanced Certifications, giving them the confidence in the solution, with the knowledge it has the ability to go above and beyond that of a traditional phone system, whilst also being easier to use and improve your business communication services. In addition to design, supply, support, and management, One2Call also offers education and training on how to get the most out of the system, including Professional Voice Recording and Music on Hold solutions. 

After installation, customers are given customised training to ensure that they can make the most out of their system, as well as being provided with a wide range of easy-to-follow instruction videos covering everything from the basics to advanced system management. With One2Call, you can trust that you are in good hands and will have all the resources you need to make the most of your new telecoms system. 

Don't wait until the last minute to update your phone system. Contact One2Call today to discuss the move from your out-of-date system and ensure that your business is prepared for the changes coming in 2025. Visit their website at for more information. 

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