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Novus Marketing Solutions Ltd Goes From Strength to Strength

Novus Marketing Solutions Ltd began in the back bedroom of Brett Riley-Tomlinson’s parents’ house. Six years on, the company is growing at a rapid rate.

Quickly outgrowing his bedroom, Brett rented a small office in Barnsley within months of launching. Here, he took on his first employee, graphic designer Stephen Caile, who still works for the company today. A couple more employees later and the space became crowded; Brett subsequently moved Novus to Doncaster city centre, into the large offices the team currently work from.

Now that the pandemic seems to be waning, businesses that were in a state of stasis are making plans to push forward, investing in their marketing knowledge and strategy with help from Novus. As a result, Brett’s team has burgeoned in the last six months, going from five employees to eleven, in a bid to meet the demand for their services.

At their Doncaster office, there's a meeting space, a podcast room, a large green screen, and an area for filming—as well as plenty of room for the team to work in. And there’s still space into which the team can further expand, as Brett expects Novus’s sharp upwards trajectory to continue.

He says: "It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride for our marketing agency, what with moving offices twice and Covid rocking the boat in our first six years. Thankfully, we’ve always been quick to adapt and keen to change direction in order to meet these challenges. We’ve built a great network of clients in the Doncaster area, as well as in Barnsley, and we’ve discovered that our name is already well-known in other parts of Yorkshire, such is the quality and scope of our work.

"I’m delighted to see the team expand so rapidly, as it’s tangible proof of the growth we’ve enjoyed during the last year. Kickstart helped us bring more people on board, and we’ve instilled various skills in these youngsters, as the scheme intended. We’ve officially brought them all into the team and we’re looking forward to delivering many more quality projects to our clients, in both the public and private sectors."

Novus Marketing Solutions Ltd is a full-service agency that works with businesses of all sizes, locally and nationally, from household brands to new start-ups. Specialities include videography, website construction and fulfilment, content writing, marketing strategy and graphic design. However, Novus has been part of numerous projects outside of these disciplines and delivered work of an exceptionally high standard, as their client feedback confirms.

Novus’s USP is wrapped up in the team’s energy, creativity, and passion for helping businesses help themselves. The company’s ethos is to train clients to carry out most of their marketing efforts themselves, to keep their costs down in this challenging economy and to ensure their individual brands remain authentic. 

For more information about Novus’ services, contact Brett Riley-Tomlinson on 07983 575934 or email 

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