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New Blood Test Detects 25 Different Types of Cancer

A new blood test for cancer, The HrC Test, is being introduced to the UK by a Doncaster-based business.

Accendo Supplies were amongst the first to recognise the diagnostic potential of this new technology. In a 1000-subject clinical trial conducted in India, consisting of 500 cancer patients and 500 non-cancer patients, The HrC Test successfully detected who was who, with the 500 cancer patients encompassing 25 different types of cancer including:

Breast, Liver, Ovarian, Lung, Leukemia, Renal, Bladder, Prostate, Pancreatic, Cervical, Colon etc…

Speaking about this, Steve Smith, Co-Founder & Director, Accendo Supplies Limited, said: "When we first came across The HrC Test we were struck by the potential of having one test to detect all cancers. However, equally as important was to have a test that could definitively rule out cancer as a cause of illness, to definitively advise people that they are cancer-free.

"We are currently working on arranging studies in the UK as to further evaluate the performance of this remarkable technology with a view to making the test available in the UK as quickly as possible. In our opinion, we have finally found the right technology to enable earlier detection & diagnosis of cancer."

The developers of the test claim that their technology can detect every type of cancer earlier than any other known technology, even prior to symptoms and tumour development. This makes The HrC Test the ideal test for cancer screening programmes in the UK.

“The HrC Test offers us the opportunity to no longer be fearful of cancer as the disease can no longer hide from us, the challenge now is to turn this opportunity into reality for the benefit of all”.

More information about The HrC Test can be found at

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