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The Next Generation of Engineers Hone Their Skills With Agemaspark

Eight students from Doncaster UTC have spent a week honing their engineering skills with Doncaster-based precision engineering firm, Agemaspark.
The two groups, one from Y11 and one from Y13, each spent a week with the company taking part in vital work experience.
The groups spent the week closely observing how the machines worked, experienced design using CAD and CAM software, and had the opportunity to operate an EOS 290 - 3D metal printing machine.
Paul Stockhill, managing director of Agemaspark said: “We were really pleased to welcome the two groups to Agemaspark. Work experience is a vital part of learning for young people and teaches them everything from the need to be on time and prepared to getting on with others and developing key skills.
“The groups were given a task to complete throughout the week to make a design on a keyring and they were able to use our 3D printer to print their designs. This showed them that its not as easy as it looks but they all had great products in the end!
“It was a great opportunity for us to get to know the students and hear their ideas and help them to explore engineering as a career.”
A number of the students are looking to progress to Degree Apprenticeships in engineering or full-time university courses.
Lindsey Glasby, senior vice principal at Doncaster UTC said: “Work experience is a key component of our curriculum offer here at Doncaster UTC. For all students it provides them with a valuable experience of the workplace and the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge to support their future career goals. We are proud to have Agemaspark as one of our employer partners and our students all had an extremely worthwhile experience with them.”
For further information about Agemaspark – specialists in precision engineering – visit

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