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Chamber Member PAB Languages Awarded Framework Position

PAB Languages Centre, a leader in providing comprehensive language solutions, has been named as a supplier on the KCS Procurement Services Language Services Framework Y23031 for the next four years.
This framework, known for its stringent selection criteria, recognises PAB Languages Centre's excellence in delivering translation, interpretation, and ancillary services across the public sector.

Operating nationally and regionally, PAB will provide an array of services, including translations, transcriptions, ancillary services, telephone and video interpreting, and face-to-face interpreting with a focus on inclusivity through BSL interpreting. The award of Framework Number Y23004 by KCS Procurement Services marks a pivotal step for PAB in expanding its footprint in public sector language services.

“We are delighted to have launched our new Language Services framework, which has been created to help support public sector organisations across the UK. Our framework experts have undertaken a stringent tender process to award to the successful suppliers and we are pleased that PAB Languages Centre is one of our new partners. We look forward to creating a long-lasting relationship with PAB Languages Centre and working collaboratively to support the needs of the UK public sector,” said Tarryn Kerr, Director of KCS Procurement Services.

This collaboration underscores PAB Languages Centre's commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, aligning with the framework's goals of offering accessible, cost-effective language services to public bodies across the UK.

“Being part of this prestigious framework is not just a great achievement; it’s a responsibility that we take very seriously,” said Iwona Lebiedowicz, Managing Director of PAB Languages Centre Ltd. “We understand the critical role language services play in a diverse and multicultural society. Being appointed onto the framework reflects our team’s dedication to delivering top-tier language services and demonstrates PAB’s excellence in service quality, efficiency, and reliability.”

PAB has recently celebrated a series of remarkable achievements, both in customer satisfaction and prestigious business awards. In addition to its customer satisfaction success, PAB has been recognised as a finalist in various esteemed business awards over the last six months, highlighting its industry excellence notably achieving Runner-Up in Excellence in Customer Service further solidifies PAB's commitment to client satisfaction.

This framework is designed to streamline the procurement process for public sector entities, offering a direct award capability that ensures a quick and compliant route to acquiring language services.
Iwona added: “We are proud to support this initiative, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions that meet the rigorous standards of public service delivery.

“The purpose of this framework agreement is to provide a full range of competitively priced, high quality, and compliant language services to the public sector covering the provision of interpretation, translation, transcription, and additional services related to language which are designed to help individuals communicate, understand and access information when needed.

“All public bodies have access to this agreement but may only do so with the agreement of the contracting authority. Those organisations who may wish to access this agreement will be members, affiliates and associates of the CBC Group, the police service, the fire service, the NHS & NHS Trusts, third sector organisations, academic centres (including academies), publicly funded organisations and publicly owned private companies, operating within the geographic boundaries of the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Northern Ireland. The agreement is also open for use by all other local authorities and public sector bodies.”

PAB Languages was founded in the East Midlands and now operates across the UK, with offices and Chamber of Commerce memberships in places such as Lincolnshire, Doncaster and Sheffield in Yorkshire, and in Nottingham.

For more information about services under this framework or to discuss language service needs, please contact PAB Languages Centre on 

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