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State of the Art Memorial Park and Crematorium To Offer Doncaster a Much-Needed New Facility To Reduce Waiting Times and Offer New Innovations to Funerals in the Area

In April 2023, Memoria Ltd — the 3rd largest private operator of crematoria in the UK — will open a new crematorium in Doncaster.

This development will benefit from the latest state-of-the-art electric cremator, which is powered by renewable energy sources. As such, it will produce 95% less carbon dioxide emissions compared to a regular gas cremator.
Deputy CEO, Jamieson Hodgson, said: “Since the beginning of time, mankind has chosen to either bury or cremate their loved ones, however, change to the cremation process was needed to ensure that it could meet its environmental obligations.

"This new development will allow the cremation process to be carried forward into the 21st century in a sustainable way. This facility will offer the first new-age electric cremator in the UK and reduce emissions by 95%. We were proud to be the first operator to bring this innovation to the market in 2020. In short, this paves the way for the cremation industry to be carbon neutral.”
Memoria Ltd is a family-run business which has developed 18 memorial parks and crematoria since 2003. They were also the first operator in the UK to install ‘mercury abatement’ filtration to their cremators in 2005.

Hodgson went on to say: “We have always been at the forefront of technology in this industry to ensure that the environment is as protected by the cremation process as possible. We have a commitment to continue to work on these technologies with cremator manufacturers so that these improvements can continue to be made and we can support the UK government’s target of being carbon neutral by 2050. This is the first step for the industry to fulfil its environmental obligations.”
The Memorial Park will be the first new crematorium to be developed in Doncaster for over 60 years and should take the top level of pressure off Rose Hill crematorium, which was built in 1960. This will reduce waiting times for bereaved families during the busier times of the year and increase service levels in the area.
The site will feature a brand-new state of the art chapel with seating for over 100 people with capabilities to offer web casting, mood lighting, visual tributes, and a choice of thousands of song choices through the innovative Obitus music library. One-hour service times will be offered as standard.

Hodgson added: “Memoria Doncaster and South Yorkshire will be introducing significant new innovations to respond to the latest requirements that bereaved families are requesting. The modern funeral is all about providing families with a diversity of choice whether that means a direct cremation or a 2-hour celebration of life service.”

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