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New Service Enables Public To Offset Household Carbon Emissions

The launch of the ‘TreeWilder’ monthly subscription service offers a simple way for consumers to achieve a New Year’s Resolution for a sustainable planet.

TreeWilder is the brainchild of Richard Clarke, a zoologist and founder of the Doncaster based business, Highland Carbon. Clarke has built a reputation for exceptional carbon offsetting projects that restore the wilds of Scotland and the north of England. These world-class projects benefit a range of species from red squirrels to pine martens, from capercaillies to Scottish wildcats and from ospreys to otters.

Whereas Highland Carbon supports businesses in their offsetting needs, TreeWilder has been launched to serve the general public.  Funding will enable newly created forests that feature a diverse range of native tree species to replicate the way our forests would have appeared thousands of years ago. 

TreeWilder also restores spectacular wetland habitats, reflooding them as habitat for an array of flora and fauna.  So doing stops methane from emitting out of dry peat, an even more insidious Greenhouse Gas than carbon dioxide.  All of TreeWilder’s projects have robust credentials and authenticity. 

People can sign-up to a starter package for as little as £4 per month, for about the price of a coffee on the high street, to offset their household by three tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Clarke says, “It is essential to offset through a partner that has the highest ethical standards.  Some projects offered by competitors do not achieve native forest restoration, rather, they entail tree planting on arable farmland.  Even worse, they may be reduced timber removal credits.  TreeWilder’s projects are both PUCKER and WILDER!  That’s what we are all about.”

TreeWilder’s projects achieve exceptional UK habitat restoration, meaningful tropical forest protection and impactful renewable energy initiatives.  All projects are fully traceable.  They comply with recognised frameworks and count towards the objectives set out in the United Nations Paris Agreement. 

The TreeWilder website was supported by a grant awarded from the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce.  For more information and to sign up, please visit: 

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