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New Course Reveals the Secrets of Successful Making on a Budget

Award-winning Yorkshire filmmaker and multi-media specialist, Wayne Sables, is sharing the secrets of creating successful high quality video. 

Following the success of his online course for creatives, freelancers and small businesses wanting to add digital technology into their work, Wayne’s latest course is aimed at everybody from beginners to professionals.

Wayne uses DaVinci Resolve — the colour correction and non-linear video editing application for macOS, Windows, and Linux — and his new series of tutorials demonstrates how anybody with a basic iPad can very easily use create high resolution material.

The course is available for just £15 by Wayne’s Vimeo on demand page, but is also available to anybody who already subscribes to Skillshare and Udemy.

“DaVinci is a professional editing software that is perfect for people who cannot afford expensive equipment but who want to make high quality film” Wayne explained.

“The reality is that many people simply do not appreciate what they have if they have a iPad and access to DaVinci so what I am doing in unlocking the basics and giving a clear step-by-step guide utilising what they have at their fingertips.

“The course is aimed at start up companies who are looking to establish themselves successfully on social media platforms but also to artists and individuals who want to share their work online.

“It’s a true beginners guide which covers everything from downloading the software, right through to using green screen, effective use of colour correcting and editing, creating the perfect product for your preferred platform.”

“And because I am reaching out to people with strictly limited budgets, I am purposely using the free version of DaVinci because I appreciate that in the current cost of living crisis not everybody has the budget to invest large sums in their business, even if they want to.

“People in business and also in the arts and charity sectors are increasingly understanding the importance of filmmaking as a means of communication but what many people do not know is how to create good quality content without breaking their very limited budgets.

“These tutorials are about enabling anyone wanting to learn to upscale their skills at their own pace and they are an ideal guide for anybody wanting to spread their message through digital technologies.”

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