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MMA Show - Caged Steel Hailing From Doncaster

Learn about our Main event fight taking place this weekend. We bring you an explosive fight night, featuring a high-stakes Main Event for the Caged Steel Professional International Lightweight Title. For those hungry for more details about the main event, be sure to dive into the full story below. Discover the backgrounds, strategies, and aspirations of Ibragim Ibragimov and Joaquim Polônia. Whether you are a casual fan or an MMA enthusiast, this is a fight you won’t want to miss. Watch it all unfold live within the Doncaster Dome!

Ibragim “The Mauler” Ibragimov: Unstoppable Force from Manchester 

At just 19 years old, Ibragim “The Mauler” Ibragimov has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world. With a flawless professional record of 5-0-0, Ibragim is an emerging sensation whose star power is skyrocketing. Hailing from the battle-tested Dagestan region in the Republic of Dagestan, he possesses a unique blend of grit, determination, and raw talent that has gained him a legion of fans worldwide. 

Ibragim’s rise through the UK MMA ranks has been nothing short of spectacular. Boasting an amateur fight record of 7-0-0 and a current streak of 12 consecutive wins, Ibragim’s skill inside the cage is undeniable. A product of the esteemed Manchester Top Team and under the guidance of his coach, Carl Prince, Ibragim has honed his skills to perfection.

Ibragim Ibragimov with Coach Carl Prince and Support

What makes Ibragim’s journey all the more captivating is his affiliation with Caged Steel. This upcoming Main Event marks his fifth appearance on the Caged Steel stage, a testament to his unwavering commitment to the promotion. Known for his love of competing on Caged Steel, Ibragim has etched his name in the records of the promotion’s history. 

While Ibragim has dazzled fans with his wrestling prowess, his striking abilities remain a tantalizing mystery, yet to be fully explored. This Main Event clash promises to be a litmus test for his stand-up game, as he squares off against a formidable adversary in Joaquim Polônia. 

Joaquim Polônia: The Brazilian Juggernaut 

Photos of Joaquim taken from Instagram

Hailing from the vibrant city of Manaus in Brazil’s Amazonas region, Joaquim Polônia is a tough MMA/ Muay Thai athlete with a wealth of experience. At 29 years old, Joaquim has already amassed an impressive record of 14 wins and 6 losses, showcasing his versatility and adaptability within the cage. With 8 years of training and 7 years of fighting under his belt, Joaquim is a battle-tested competitor who thrives on the challenges that MMA presents. 

Joaquim’s journey into martial arts was spurred by a noble cause – his mother’s battle with diabetes. Seeking a way to support her treatment, Joaquim found his calling in the world of combat sports. Over the years, his love for the sport has only grown, fuelled by the adrenaline, friendship, and the thrill of competition. 

A proud representative of Brotherhood Muay Thai, Joaquim embodies the spirit of a true martial artist. Even though he specialises in Muay Thai, his diverse skill set encompasses both striking and grappling, making him a well-rounded contender who is ready to shine in any aspect of the fight game. With an unyielding determination rooted in his family, team, and personal growth, Joaquim Polônia is primed to make a statement on the grand stage of Caged Steel.

A Historic Battle for the International Lightweight Title

As the anticipation builds for this monumental showdown at the Doncaster Dome, fight fans from all corners of the globe are gearing up to witness history in the making. Ibragim “The Mauler” Ibragimov, riding a wave of momentum and backed by an army of supporters, is determined to etch his name in the Caged Steel record books once again. With his wrestling flair and unbroken spirit, Ibragim aims to showcase his full arsenal and solidify his place among the MMA elite. 

On the other side of the cage stands Joaquim Polônia, a Brazilian powerhouse whose years of dedication have led him to this pivotal moment. Armed with a well-rounded skill set and an unshakable determination, Joaquim is poised to make his mark on the international stage and bring glory to his team and his homeland.

Caged Steel 33: A Spectacle of Fights 

The anticipation surrounding Caged Steel 33 is immense, and rightfully so. Spectators around the world are excited, the fight card promises an unforgettable night of action, with a total of 22 adrenaline-pumping bouts set to unfold. The Main Card alone boasts 7 explosive professional matchups that are sure to keep fans at the edge of their seats. Among the star-studded lineup are two remarkable Professional UK MMA talents, Louis ‘Lightning’ Lee Scott and Adam ‘Samurai’ Bramhald.

Louis is fuelled by a burning desire for success, will be vying for the Caged Steel Professional European Bantamweight Interim Title against Alperen Karabulut from Turkey. Meanwhile, Bramhald, the embodiment of a defending champion, will enter the cage with his Caged Steel Professional Bantamweight World Title hanging in the balance against Joaquim’s team mate, Daniel De Melo Farias. The stakes are high, and the stage is set for these prospects to showcase their skills on the grandest of platforms.

Caged Steel 33: The Ultimate Viewing Experience 

For fans near and far, rally your friends, there is still time, and make sure you’re part of this historic night. Whether you’re present at the Doncaster Dome or enjoying every second via Pay-Per-View, Caged Steel 33 promises an unforgettable display of heart, skill, and sheer determination. Join us as we witness the forging of legends and the realization of dreams in the intense world of MMA. 

Find out more details of the event here

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