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Intelligent PMI Highlights The Growing Demand For Businesses To Offer Private Medical Insurance

As the UK economy experiences a cost-of-living crisis, the global repercussions of COVID, and a 40-year high for inflation, Intelligent PMI are keen to highlight the growing trend for SME's to offer private medical insurance as part of their employee benefits package.

As an independent private healthcare insurance broker, Intelligent PMI help thousands of families, individuals and an increasing number of businesses source the best possible healthcare cover. The trend towards an increased interest in promoting health and wellbeing has grown significantly in the last few years. Both businesses and employees are looking to use PMI to avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists, expedite treatment and have access to the best possible medical care.

Group Private Healthcare Advisor, Mark Somerset, said: "Since joining the business in 2014, we have seen unprecedented growth in businesses offering private healthcare plans to their employees. Business owners and senior managers are keen to encourage business continuity.

"Private healthcare is a great way to facilitate this whilst also giving peace of mind that your team have access to the best possible healthcare should they need it. We work with the UK's largest insurers - over the years they have begun offering some great features that really help clients receive access to specialists very quickly.

"For example, last month one [client] had chronic back pain. They had access to virtual appointments and the best consultants in the country - all within a matter of weeks bypassing a lengthy wait with the NHS. Our client is back to work in full health - a win-win for everyone!"

Businesses looking to offer PMI to their team can also benefit from expert care and support in finding the best cover that grows with the business and team. The experts at Intelligent PMI also take the time to review each and every policy annually to ensure that businesses are receiving the most suitable cover for their team. They have also introduced a 'Quick Quote form on their website to help businesses obtain prices within minutes. Quick Quote Link

For those either considering having private medical insurance or switching their cover, they can contact Mark Somerset directly via or 07854 227 727.

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