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Knowledge Pool Secures Free Data and Unlimited Phone Calls For Those In Digital Poverty

Digital poverty is a big issue in our community. We run three training cohorts per week and all our groups have learners in need of internet access. Some of them can only back up data and update apps only when connected to the Wi-Fi of the centres we are using. Practising what they've learnt in class at home is usually challenging because of the lack of internet access at home.

There are members of our community without home broadband in need of internet access. Some of these people are the elderly living alone, people from a low-income background, asylum seekers and people living in hostels. Subscribing for services online is now a necessity as most government departments have embraced digital solutions.

This is why Knowledge pool applied for free data resources from the national data bank and the good things foundation. The outcome of our application is 150 free internet data and unlimited phone calls provided by O2 and Vodafone. This contract will last for 6 months with a possibility of an extension for another six months.

We are very pleased to invite members of our community to apply for this. Data will be distributed to individuals that fulfil the eligibility criteria below:

  • A low income (defined as earning less than £15,000 per year)
  • Aged 70 or over
  • An underlying health condition or disability
  • No social support network nearby to your residence, or within travel distance.
  • Affected by Covid-19 pandemic

Please see the link below for further details and the application form.

Contacts: Email:
Tel: 07427262448

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