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Health Campaign Raises Awareness of 7-Day Turnaround for Monthly Repeat Prescriptions

Doncaster Local Pharmacy Committee and local GPs have joined forces to raise awareness that regular repeat prescriptions take 7 days from order to collection and up to 10 days for delivery.

Comments Nick Hunter, Chief Officer of Doncaster LPC: “The NHS has now fully adopted the electronic prescription service (EPS) model. Moving away from the green paper prescription has resulted in misconceptions and expectations that cannot be met."

“It is therefore imperative that both medical professionals and the general public understand that it takes 7 days to prepare regular repeat prescriptions from the day that they’re ordered. It is also important to understand that this does not apply to acute or urgent prescriptions.”

“By following the 7 Day prescription order and collection timeframe, a structure that is supported by all pharmacies across Doncaster, pharmacy teams will be able to respond to acute and urgent prescriptions quicker and reduce waiting times for those patients. The capacity to deliver additional services will also be increased – everyone benefits from working together to support patients on their prescription journey.”

The day-to-day process of the 7-day prescription order and collection timeframe is outlined below:
Day 1:             Patient orders prescription
Day 2/3:          GP checks and authorises prescription and sends it to the nominated pharmacy
Day 4:             Prescription is checked by the pharmacist
Day 5:             Pharmacy orders items
Day 6:             Prescription is prepared for collection
Day 7:             Prescription is ready for collection by the patient

Continues Nick: “It’s our objective to ensure that patients understand the entire process and the amount of time needed to fulfil repeat prescriptions. As such, we’d like to ask patients to order their medication from their GP at least 10 days before they run out.

Richard Hackett of Weldricks Pharmacy outlines: “The LPC is working in partnership with all pharmacies and GPs to manage patients’ expectations. We want to encourage people to plan ahead and allow at least 10 days of order time before they run out. It’s our shared objective to ensure patients are never left without medication.

Lynn Murrie of Pickfords Pharmacy adds: “The whole NHS system is under pressure, and as a direct result, community pharmacies are getting busier. Putting patients and their health first will always be our priority and one of the ways we can do this is to ensure we communicate such changes effectively. If anyone has any questions relating to the 7-day prescription order and collection timeframe, please don’t hesitate to talk to your GP or local pharmacy team who will be only too happy to help.”

Concludes Nick: “The LPC is representative of all 72 pharmacies within Doncaster and we hope this 7-day turnaround approach will be adopted to create efficiencies within pharmacies with the ultimate aim of improving patient care.”

About Doncaster Local Pharmaceutical Committee
Doncaster Local Pharmaceutical Committee is the representative body of 72 community pharmacy contractors within Doncaster, working collaboratively to increase patient access to medication and health care services.

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