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Free Dark Web Monitoring and & Email Threat Protection Scans for Doncaster Chamber Members

One2Call is offering all Doncaster Chamber members a free Dark Web Scan & Mailbox Security Scan to help protect them from cyber threats. 

Every day businesses are targeted by phishing attacks of some form. This could range from somebody impersonating a brand to try and gain information from you, tricking you into clicking on a malicious link, or getting you to download a harmful file onto your computer. 

They could even be masquerading as a person from another business, in order to request payment of goods, to change bank account information and more. These scams are becoming evermore sophisticated, with potential attackers taking over accounts for weeks on end, in order to study emails between businesses so that they can understand language and sentence structure and more convincingly con you. 

Active Email Threat Protection is able to see through all of this and protect users from potential attacks. It does this by scanning all emails for all types of phishing attacks and much more. It scans links you are sent to protect you from clicking on illegitimate websites that can steal your data. It can even identify the most at risk people in your business  including; directors, managers and financial personnel — to give them increased protection. 

But One2Call know that educating businesses about Dark Web Monitoring and & Email Threat Protection is only part of the process. This is why they are offering all Doncaster Chamber members a FREE Dark Web Scan & Mailbox Security Scan, so that you can see the benefits of these services for yourself. 

They have created a dedicated page for Doncaster Chamber members, where you can find out more about this, watch some educational videos, and also find out about other services One2Call offer. 

Find out more and get your FREE Scans here: 

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