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Northwood Doncaster Acquires Local Businesses

Helen Elworthy, owner of Northwood Doncaster, has acquired Galley Properties Ltd, adding 324 managed and let-only properties to her portfolio. This acquisition comes just one year after a previous, smaller acquisition and makes Northwood Doncaster one of the largest agencies in the region.
“This was quite a large acquisition, which resulted in an overnight 50% increase in the size of our lettings portfolio,” says Helen. “I’ve done several acquisitions in the past, so we’ve got it down to a fine artform now, but we also received a lot of helpful advice and support from the Acquisitions Team at Head Office.
“Over the years I’d built up a friendship with the previous owner of Galley Properties and when she decided to retire, I think she realised that Northwood Doncaster would be a great fit. This acquisition is mainly a lettings portfolio, and we are retaining all five team members, who have moved into the Northwood Doncaster office. Gradually, over the next six months or so, the new business will be rebranded and incorporated into Northwood Doncaster. 
“Existing customers can expect the same levels of customer service as before but will also be able to take advantage of Northwood’s additional services such as access to our in-house MAB advisor, as well as auctions, and commercial and block management services. All of these new services will greatly benefit our landlords and tenants and we look forward to working with everyone in the future.”

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