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Doncaster Chamber response to the 2020 Budget announcement

Responding to the 2020 Budget announcement, Dan Fell, CEO at Doncaster Chamber, said: 

“After many years of uncertainty caused by Brexit and political gamesmanship, businesses were optimistic for a budget that would inject confidence into the economy and prioritise the domestic business agenda.  Regrettably, the headline objective of driving the economy forwards and injecting confidence in to the system has been significantly hindered by fast moving events linked to the coronavirus pandemic.  As such, this necessarily, was a budget that was about reassuring businesses and mitigating risks rather than inspiring long-term confidence.

“Against these new objectives, the budget went some way to giving businesses reassurance that Government would be proactive on coronavirus and act to support companies through what will be turbulent times.  The detail and sufficiency of that support, of course, will remain to be seen as events pan out.

“On broader issues, there were some encouraging signs in the budget that the Government is seeking to deliver on its levelling up agenda.  Infrastructure investment into the Sheffield City Region is extremely welcome as our announcements about improved flood defences.  However, local businesses will – quite rightly – need to see additional policy commitments and, crucially, spades in the ground to be fully convinced that Doncaster’s needs are being responded to.  Two iconic projects that would go a long way to evidencing this commitment are the new East Coast Mainline Station sited at Doncaster Sheffield Airport and a brand new Hospital on the town centre Waterfront site.  Commitment to projects of this nature is exactly the kind of shot in the arm that our economy needed following years of Brexit uncertainty; the urgency of giving these projects the green light has only increased following the advent of the coronavirus crisis.”

View the response from the British Chambers of Commerce here.

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