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CPH2 to collaborate with cryocooler manufacturer

Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2), the Doncaster manufacturer of the unique and patented Membrane-Free Electrolyser™, has come together with AFCryo to design and market their combined technology.

The cooperation between CPH2 and AFCryo, one of the leading cryogenic systems manufacturers for gas separation and hydrogen liquefaction, is a multi-national tie-up where the combined technology will offer the market a cheaper and more reliable way of generating green hydrogen from renewable sources. 

AFCryo is a joint venture established in 2017 between Absolut System and Fabrum Solutions. Absolute Systems based in Grenoble, France is a specialist engineering company with advanced expertise in cryogenic engineering and Fabrum Solutions based in Christchurch, New Zealand, is a leading innovator in the design, development, and manufacture of composite cryostats and cryocoolers for cryogenic applications.  CPH2 and AFCryo will work collaboratively to enhance the technology from an engineering perspective, carry out specific analyses, and work together to develop the markets throughout Europe.

Dr. Nigel Williamson, Technology Director (CPH2), said, “AFCryo will design our larger cryogenics systems which will form the ‘back-end’ of our electrolyser technology for scales above 1MW”. Williamson continued, “There will also be some cross-licensing of technologies. When the level of business attains a certain value, they will manufacture some of our technology under licence, and vice-versa, all intending to meet demand at a highly competitive cost to the end-user”.

AFCryo has a combined experience of more than 30 years in the design and manufacturer of cryocoolers and liquefiers. They first developed their cryocooler in 2005, taking it through to full commercialisation, and they continue to improve their technology for long-term cooling solutions.

Hugh Reynolds, Technical Director and co-founder, AFCryo and Fabrum Solutions added: “We are excited to see green, renewable energies moving forward, and are pleased to provide CPH2 with our cryogenic systems for gas separation and hydrogen liquefaction. Our companies are at the leading technological edge of sustainable, cost-effective green hydrogen development on demand.”

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