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Control WHO Can Access Your Business, Not WHAT

Building Access, Modern Methods to your Building Security 

When it comes to business, protecting and securing your building is vital. The equipment that you keep in in your building is vital to the running of your business, without it, could your business continue to work? But it's not just about the equipment, keeping your employees safe and secure is also a vital part of building access on a daily basis.

One2Call’s access control systems allow every door to become a virtual security guard, with a range of checks being made before access is granted depending on what best suits your business. This can include the need for fobs, cards, fingerprints, facial recognition &/or QR codes to allow people to pass through external or internal door entry points. Additionally, alternative access protocols can include human fever screening to detect early sign of illness to help prevent the spread in working environments, protecting your staff and business.

ID Verification  

When it comes to ID verification there are an array of different methods that can be incorporated into building access. Moving away from traditional keys to Fobs &/or Cards offers your business more flexibility as access can be given and taken away, when necessary, in a matter of seconds. 

However, security can be increased with the integration of Facial Recognition access systems, these have the added security that your face can’t be lost, stolen, or traded. Access is given via a 3D Map of a users face to ensure that you are controlling access to your site by who a person is and not what they are holding.

Emergency Controls  

The integration of Security and Safety Systems with Building Access can include Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms and can also be integrated with the added aid of CCTV. In the design process of all Access Control Systems, Safety, in case of Emergency, is paramount.  

The integration of fire alarms into your building access means that all doors default to open automatically when the fire alarm is triggered, allowing for easy exit of the building by everyone, whilst also triggering an alert to emergency services and a roll call of people in the building to Fire Marshall’s and Managers to ensure that everyone is Safe. You can even integrate safe check points for cards, fobs or faces to verify users are safe. However, an Intruder Alarm may react differently, setting all doors to Lock when the Intruder Alarm is triggered, alerting the relevant people and authorities, triggering the CCTV to record all cameras and even sending photos of the intruders via email to on call personnel. Other eventualities can be aligned with your security as requested to improve your building access and security overall.   

Fever Screening 

Since the COVID Pandemic, more business to become aware of the impact of staff illness on a company and its day-to-day operation. This has caused more businesses to incorporate fever screening and sickness precautions into their access control. This includes touch free access, which uses visual readers like Facial Recognition as well as Thermal and Facial recognition CCTV solutions at door entry ways.

Fever Screening controls can also include Pre-Entry checkpoints to enforce Health and Safety guidance and protect staff and user well-being by preventing access to the building, or specific areas of a building, to reduce the spread of illness and you can also integrate mask detection technologies into these same solutions.

To find out more how you can modernise and improve your businesses Safety and Security, email One2Call’s Marketing Manager A.J. at or visit  

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