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Citizens Advice - Empowering Community Well-being with Groundbreaking £180k NHS Project Expansion

Citizens Advice Empowering Community Well-being: Groundbreaking £180k NHS Project Expansion

Citizens Advice Doncaster Borough a leading advice and guidance support service In Doncaster, is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking £180,000 2-year NHS-funded project. This transformative initiative follows a successful proof of concept using our charity reserves, demonstrating the immense potential and impact of embedding advice services within the local community.

The expanded project will enable Citizens Advice Doncaster Borough to offer an even wider array of services designed to support individuals and families facing diverse challenges. These services include:

  • Financial Advice and Debt Management: Assisting individuals in managing their finances, reducing debt, and maximizing income.
  • Housing Support and Guidance: Providing support on tenancy rights, housing disputes, and access to suitable accommodation.
  • Family Advice and Assistance: Offering guidance on family-related matters such as domestic disputes, childcare arrangements, and family law.
  • Employment and Benefits Advice: Helping individuals navigate employment issues and access benefit entitlements.
  • Energy-Saving Strategies and Crisis Support: Providing advice on energy usage, managing energy-related costs, and offering immediate crisis support including access to food, fuel, data, and device banks.

"We are incredibly grateful for the NHS's recognition and support of our initiative," said James Woods, CEO at Citizens Advice Doncaster Borough. "This funding will significantly enhance our ability to serve the community, especially those most in need. By expanding our services into 8 GP surgeries and 2 hospital outreach locations, we aim to improve financial well-being, mental health, and overall resilience within the community."

The project will also see the integration of British Sign Language (BSL) support, ensuring that services are inclusive and accessible to individuals with specific communication needs.

Our team has identified key locations within the community where our services will have the greatest impact. These sites have been carefully selected to ensure accessibility and convenience for all. Additionally, we are collaborating closely with local GP surgeries and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to maximize the reach and effectiveness of our services.

For more information about the project and upcoming events, please contact:

Emma Burdon 
Operations Manager
Citizens Advice Doncaster Borough

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Citizens Advice Doncaster Borough is dedicated to providing free, independent, confidential, and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. Our mission is to improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives through research and campaigning, working both on local issues and as part of a wider national network. We value diversity, promote equality, and challenge discrimination to empower individuals and communities.

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