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Chamber Member Aims to Improve Public Speaking In Doncaster

Doncaster Chamber member Steve Bisby, Founder of Help With Admin, has become President of Doncaster Speakers.

Steve — who has been running his business for the last 4 and a half years supporting small businesses and community groups with their admin tasks  wanted to improve his communication skills with clients.  For this he turned to Doncaster speakers, a part of Toastmaster International. Over the course of 6 years, Steve went from inexperienced speaker to President and representative at the Toastmaster Area Contest. 

During that time he threw himself into the opportunities, learning to speak, evaluate and take on leadership roles.  From being a member, Steve joined the club’s committee first carrying out the role of Vice President PR, looking after the club’s website and social media output and then last year he took up the role of Vice President Education, overseeing the implementation of the Pathways programme in the club.

This July, Steve was voted in as the club’s new President and is looking to increase the number of new and active members in the club.

About this, he said: “Toastmasters is a great way to meet people both socially and as a business networking tool. The Pathways programme is ideal for those looking to improve their confidence at public speaking and crafting a good speech, something that is very much needed in business when networking or pitching your services [to] new clients.

“Also Toastmasters is not all about speaking but listening and taking on roles such as evaluation which is an important skill in leadership. If you do not give encouraging and useful feedback to staff you are unlikely to get the outcomes you are looking for."

Doncaster Speakers has an open evening on Monday 10th October 2022 starting at 6:45pm at the Regent Hotel, Doncaster. Entry is free for visitors to come along and see how Toastmasters can help them in their personal and business lives.

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