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Doncaster Chamber partners with non-profit to challenge career stereotypes

Doncaster Chamber has partnered with Inspiring the Future to support children in Doncaster, share career stories and challenge stereotypes

Did you know that children as young as six have already formed stereotypes about what jobs they can and can’t do based on their gender and social economic backgrounds?

Research, however, shows that if children have the opportunity to talk to volunteers from the world of work via in-school activities it can have a significant impact on their motivation, aspirations, and future choices. Brand-new research ‘Starting early’ conducted by the Education and Employers charity who run Inspiring the Future, showed that following interactive activities with volunteers from the world of work, children had an increased desire to learn and 80% agreed that ‘people like them’ can be successful when they grow up.

Inspiring the Future, working in partnership with Doncaster Chamber and primary schools across the city, are calling on people living and working in Doncaster to volunteer by sharing their career story with primary school children. We are looking for a diversity of voices, of people doing a wide range of jobs, so that the children can see and hear themselves in the volunteers they speak to – ‘people like them’.

Inspiring the Future need you to open the children of Doncaster’s eyes to a world they might never have imagined for themselves. Volunteers are asked to give a minimum of an hour of time across the upcoming summer term to support virtual activities happening across May and early June. If this is you – please sign up to Inspiring the Future here.

By registering through this link you will initially be opted in to sharing information with Doncaster Chamber to enable them to monitor the impact of the programme. Should you wish to opt out at any point simply untick the box.

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