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CCTV Is Much More Than Security

Over the past decade, CCTV technology has undergone a remarkable transformation, providing businesses with a vast array of benefits beyond simple surveillance.

Modern CCTV Solutions now encompass features such as: colour night vision; person detection; facial recognition; number plate recognition; fall detection; thermal imaging; alerts, people counting; and much more. 

One2Call's state-of-the-art fall detection technology ensures rapid detection and response in care homes we support, minimising potential harm to patients. Upon detecting a fall, an immediate alert is triggered, including the camera location of the incident, which can also be represented on a building plan. Easy deployment of this solution is guaranteed, meaning that you can get up and running quickly and easily, our fall detection technology is integrated into the video management software.  

This smart software enables businesses to also monitor people movement, with people counting and queue detection just a part of how the solution can benefit your business. These discreet and cost-effective solutions provide invaluable insights into physical spaces, such as staff-to-customer ratios, visitor flow statistics, hot zone mapping and the analysis of visitor data against marketing campaigns and location to verify return on investment.  

People counting cameras can also enhance business safety, for example in a hospitality setting (such as Theatres, Event Spaces, and so on). They could link with your building/location access solutions, thereby restricting entry when maximum capacity is reached and preventing overcrowding.  

The implementation of this industry leading technology also grants businesses access to advanced marketing analytics tools by tracking customer sentiment by using artificial intelligence, paired with facial recognition to analyse customers' moods, enabling businesses to refine their customer experience. Approximations of age, height, gender and clothing colour can be made to further enrich data and provide enhanced security reporting data. And when paired with people counting, queue detection, and flow mapping technology, this suite can provide an unrivalled suite of marketing analytics for professionals in the retail, events, and service industries. 

CCTV technology has evolved considerably, delivering an extensive range of advantages for businesses over security surveillance. With features such as fall detection, people counting, queue detection, and marketing analytics, businesses can improve customer experience, prevent overcrowding, and glean valuable insights for enhanced operations.  

If you would like to find out more about One2Call’s Modern CCTV Solutions, reach out to their team at , their website at , or call 01142 30 00 80.  

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