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Business Grade WiFi Solutions

Businesses that experience low signal or slow WiFi speeds understand the negative impact it can have on productivity. That’s why One2Call offers complete wireless assessments to determine the layout of your business, potential wireless performance factors, signal strength, bandwidth requirements, coverage, access point placement, and more. Their comprehensive WiFi survey allows them to recommend the best solution to maximise your network capabilities. 

One2Call provides a diverse range of solutions, including complete managed solutions, indoor and outdoor connectivity, point-to-point building connectivity, staff and guest access, security, and much more. Once the wireless assessment is completed, One2Call’s in-house expert project management and installation teams work with your business schedule to implement a solution that fits your requirements. They minimise disruption to your business, help you understand the infrastructure, and connect you as fast as possible. 

In addition to their installation services, One2Call also provides in-house network engineers to support your network, perform upgrades, monitor uptime and security, and provide assistance whenever needed. If you already have a wireless solution in place but need to expand your network, upgrade, or require professional management to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solution, One2Call’s Managed Wireless service can help. 

Contact One2Call today to schedule your complete wireless assessment and take advantage of their comprehensive solutions to maximise your network capabilities. 
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