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Are Your Remote Workers Secure?

As businesses shift to cloud-based services, managing and ensuring the security of all users, devices, and software has become increasingly challenging. With a growing number of remote workers and users accessing cloud services from various locations, ensuring their security is paramount. This is where SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) comes in. 

What is SASE?  

SASE is a cloud-based service that combines various security tools and services, such as firewalls, SD-WAN, DNS security, secure web gateway, cloud access security broker, and zero-trust network access and more. This means that regardless of where your employees are located, they can connect to your SASE security service via their nearest regional Point of Presence (POP), with multiple redundant failovers, and have all the necessary security tools and policies in place as if they were located in your office. 

Why is SASE beneficial for business cyber security?  

SASE provides enhanced security for businesses by offering protection to all devices, users, and software, regardless of their location. Unlike traditional VPNs, which can cause bottlenecks at centralised locations, SASE’s cloud-based security approach provides users with direct internet access to cloud-based software services, improving speed and efficiency. Moreover, SASE ensures consistency in security policies, which can vary depending on the cloud software service provider. 

If you would like to find out more about SASE, and how SASE can improve and unify your business security under a single cloud umbrella, with multiple failovers, reach out to One2Call to find out more or visit:
You can also view their award winning video about SASE here:

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