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The HrC Test

The HrC Test

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Detect Cancer Early - Save Lives

The HrC Test has made it diagnostically possible for early detection of cancer, due to its focus on embryonic/cancer stem cells. This simple blood test, which is based upon a combination of 8-10 genetic biomarkers, targets key hallmarks of cancer initiation. It is the first prognostic, non-invasive, and safe test for cancer detection, which can be taken as frequently as required.

It can assist Oncologists to monitor responsiveness during treatment protocols. It can be used to confirm remission more accurately as compared to all existing methods. This can eventually reduce frequency of invasive and potentially harmful tests like Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Computerised Tomography (CT), etc...

The benefits that the HrC Test offers are as follows:

a) the ability to detect absence , imminence, or presence of cancer
b) a superior test when compared to other liquid-biopsy techniques looking for CTCs, ctDNA, or cfRNA
c) the ability to measure patient responsiveness to treatment in a harmless and non-invasive manner
d) the ability to confirm remission conclusively, again, in a harmless and non-invasive manner

TAT for The HrC Test result is within seven days of a test sample being received at the laboratory. Therefore, not only is The HrC Test able to provide early detection of cancer, it can also help in diagnosing cancer quickly.

The HrC Test is the perfect test for cancer screening programmes as it delivers a definitive answer - Cancer Present - Yes or No?


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