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SMTXtra/ PPEXtra

SMTXtra/ PPEXtra

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About Us

We focus on manufacturing surgical masks and protective aprons in Doncaster, England.
Our face masks went through a process – from face coverings (otherwise known as disposable masks) through passing international standard tests that has now certified them as surgical masks, or in other words - Type IIR Medical Masks.
This process was extremely challenging. Our company learnt a lot about the Medical Sector in England, Medical devices requirements and how to address our registration for the MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ). We also learned a lot about the importance of trademarking our brand and creating long lasting relationships with our local partners such as Doncaster Chamber , Doncaster Rovers , Business Doncaster , Doncaster Council and Made in Britain organisation.

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Gallery Image medical_mask_material(1).png
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